A downloadable dungeon

To move is WASD

W is to go up

S is to go down

D is to go right

A is to go left

To fight you use your mouse and move it around, as you move it around you will see the sword will move too.

To mute music is M

To go into full screen is F

Hope you have fun this is my first ever game I made in game maker and hope you guys like it, it is currently in demo form and I don't know where it is heading but I'll try to keep you guys updated.

Install instructions

Once you download unzip the file and then you will be good to play


dungeon 0.02 game.zip 4 MB


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Hey, congrats on the demo!

This was well done for a first game. However, I found the music a bit repetitive and distracting. Also, I didn't understand how to fight the enemies, so it would be a good idea to give a small explanation of the controls before the game starts, or in an option menu.

Okay I will try to do that thanks so much and I’ll will work on the audio.